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  • Posted: 04/27/2021

    Cañon City Chamber of Commerce | Executive Director
    The Cañon City Chamber of Commerce is seeking an Executive Director.
    Cañon City is a community of approximately 20,000, the county seat, and largest town in Fremont County, Colorado. The region is best known for the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, and is a popular tourist destination noted for outdoor recreation - particularly whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River. Membership is stable, and comprised of approximately 400 businesses and government organizations, with expectations for growth. The Executive Director manages a small staff, relies heavily on volunteers, and reports to a volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the membership. The Chamber’s business office is located in Cañon City’s historic downtown at 424 Main Street, and serves as a Visitor Center.
    The Cañon City Chamber of Commerce is principally a business network, with the objective of furthering the interests of member businesses, and advocating for them. The Chamber supports the vitality of members in the general interest of community economic prosperity and development. The Chamber provides visitor services and relocation information, conducts training, organizes monthly and annual events, and offers programs to raise awareness of member services and the products they offer. The Chamber provides effective leadership and opportunities for the benefit of our members and our community, and promotes the Greater
    Cañon City area as an outstanding place to live, work, play and conduct business.
    Expectations and Primary Accountabilities
     Provide executive leadership to the Chamber - working effectively with members, staff & volunteers, and the Board of Directors.
     Develop and operate within an approved annual financial plan and monthly budget.
     Develop and maintain member acquisition programs, retention and engagement practices that result in a financially stable, vibrant, and sustainable organization.
     Continually review, operate within and, as necessary, modify and improve policies and procedures to ensure efficient, well organized operations that members trust and have confidence in.
     Be responsive to member needs and interests through ongoing outreach programs with the goals of encouraging member participation, demonstrating the value of membership, and supporting retention of businesses in the community.
     Maintain visibility among membership and in the community through a presence in the Chamber’s office, by attending meetings and participating in events.
     Provide regular, ongoing reports regarding the membership, events, volunteer activities, and the organization’s financial performance to the Board of Directors.
     Maintain open communication with, and insist upon responsiveness from the Board of Directors, its Chairperson, and Committee leadership, as well as that of member volunteers, upon whom the Chamber’s governance, viability, and strength rely.
     Foster and maintain productive working relationships with other Chambers of Commerce, government organizations, and non-member businesses that support the Chamber’s objectives and mission.
    Routine Duties and Responsibilities
     Manage the day-to-day operations of the Chamber, including management of programs, membership, and marketing efforts.
     Actively engage in membership and sponsorship sales. Identify and develop creative revenue generation strategies and programs beyond membership dues & fees.
     Work with the Board Chairperson to develop short-term, annual, and long-term goals and objectives. Prepare agendas and materials for Board and Executive Committees

    advising them on the organizational practicalities and operational needs of the Chamber.
     Network with, actively seek, and broker collaborations and partnerships with other associations, non-profit organizations, and member businesses having shared interests and common objectives, both with the Chamber and each other.
     Serve as the principal spokesperson, thought leader, and ambassador for the Chamber among membership, and throughout the community, representing the Chamber at business and community events, meetings, etc.
     To recruit, set compensation for, hire, train, and develop the professional capabilities of staff.
     Establish personnel policies and procedures, documenting same in an Employee Manual. Periodically update the manual to reflect actual and best practices.
     Coach and counsel staff to maintain and improve performance. Conduct and document ongoing and annual evaluations for staff. Document corrective actions that will support termination in the event it becomes necessary.
    Finance & Accounting:
     Expend funds within the approved budget, consistent with policy and prudent, ethical business practices. Work closely with the Chamber’s finance/accounting services supplier.
     Set annual membership, sponsorship, and financial objectives and goals in collaboration with the Board; then measure against expectations to ensure plans are achieved or surpassed.
     Source, negotiate, and execute service contracts or partnership agreements on behalf of the Chamber, consulting with the Board of Directors as necessary.
     Fulfill the officer and committee responsibilities assigned to the Executive Director in the Chamber Bylaws.
     Fulfill the legal responsibilities as Secretary to the Corporation
     Attend Chamber Board meetings and provide support to Committee efforts.
     Negotiate and administer contracts with suppliers and operating agreements with business partners. Partners may include the Fremont County Tourism Council (FCTC), Fremont Economic Development Corporation (FEDC), Downtown Business Association, Small Business Strong, and the City’s Small Business & Main Street Program
     Coordinate and facilitate the Chamber's annual board retreat.
    Preferred Education & Experience, Supportive Background
     B.A./B.S. in business, marketing, communications, economics, or an equivalent combination of education and experience in relevant field(s).
     Five years of progressively responsible business, Chamber of Commerce, or trade association management, or equivalent.
     High learning agility with solid problem solving skills.
     Demonstrated experience in budgeting/finance/accounting, with responsibility for profit and loss.
     Strong verbal, written, listening and interpersonal skills. Ability to present, persuade and build consensus. Comfortable communicating with a wide variety of individuals across the community, and with policy influencers, in a highly effective manner.
     Accomplished and comfortable public speaking skills. Public relations/media relations training or experience a plus.

     Technologically literate: computers, office machines, electronic communications & publications, internet/web, social media, SEO, etc.
     Aptitude and desire to actively engage in sales activities, creative fundraising, and grant acquisition efforts.
     Event management.
    Physical Demands and Licensing
     Work environment includes extensive time working at a computer, on the telephone and in a typical business office setting, with routine sitting, standing, lifting.
     Extensive local and regional travel, driving and exposure to all weather conditions.
     Stamina and high energy level to sustain irregular and sometimes long hours, including weekends and holidays.
     A valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.
    Based Salary Range: $49,000.00 to $60,000.00 DOE
    Bonus & Incentive potential based on fundraising, grants, membership growth & retention and cost control/reduction.
    To Apply
    Submit resume and cover letter to:
    Cañon City Chamber of Commerce
    Cooper Trahern, Chairman of the Board cooper@arycorp.com
    Deadline for Applications is May 14, 2021, 5:00pm MST/Cañon City CO