• Visitors Cabin


    The Visitors Cabin is nestled in our lovely city park Veterans Park located at 211 S 3rd, Canon City. 


    The Visitors Cabin is open to receive visitors during our busy summer season.  Opening only during the weekends in May the cabin then starts to stay open 7 days a week on from Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend.  At the cabin you will find local volunteers to help you get the best visit possible. Doors open from 8 am to 5 pm.  There is water bottle available for sale, as well as, post cards and stamps.  This is a wonderful location to all types of information such as: maps, restaurants, rafting, campground, mountain trails, and so much more!


  • Veterans-Park-Map.jpg
  • The yellow star represent where the Visitors Cabin is located.  Almost in the heart of our historic downtown Canon City.

  • JoAnn-Headshot-2-VisitorsCabin.jpg
  • Joanne Carl at the Visitors Cabin.  Joanne Organizes the Cabin and the Volunteers at the Cabin, she keeps everything running smoothly.