• CDL Driver for Arkansas River Tours

  • Arkansas River Tours
    Job Description

    Position Summary:

    This position for the transporting customers to and from river access points on the Arkansas River

    Seasonal Position

    • May 15th to September 3rd

    Role & Responsibilities:

    • Driving
      • Drive to and from river access points and other various locations
      • Backing up buses with trailers
      • Assisting with emergency evacuations from river trips
      • Communication with office staff on trip logistics
      • Delivery of trip lunches
    • DOT Compliance
      • Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections
      • Submitting inspection reports
      • Random Drug Screening
      • Following all DOT regulations during operations
    • Vehicles
      • Cleaning of vehicles
      • Vacuuming of vehicles daily
      • Fueling of vehicles
    • All other duties or requested by owner to support the overall operations of the company
    Contact Information