• Board of Directors

  • Karl Wurzbach,  President
    The Daily Record

  • George Daman
    Associate Member

  • Debbie Lake/Downtown Business Alliance
    Classic Furniture

  • Sharanne Rothenbucher
    Keller Williams Performance Realty

  • John Waters/Marketing & Prospector Pres.
    BySky Inc

  • Sheri Trahern, Pres. Elect

  • Pam Fick
    Dinosaur Experience LLC

  • Cathy Finney/Special Events
    Vintage Revival

  • Ashlee Sack/Tourism
    Fremont Adventure Recreation (FAR)


  • Dan Brown, Past President
    The CellHouse

  • Hutch Hutchinson/Legislative Affairs
    Fairway Mortgage Inc.

  • Dennis Podzemny
    State Farm

  • Cooper Trahern/Finance
    Fremont Paving & Redi-Mix


  • Mary Yang
    Star Point